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What Does a Home Mean to You?

Every family needs a home. Over the years, we’ve shared with you the MANY reasons WHY Dwellings has committed to building homes and changing lives. When we take time to get to know a family, hear their story and experience their realities, it can be overwhelming. So many people share of their hopelessness, and the extreme stress that comes from not having a roof over their heads. Poverty is a wicked thing and the toll it can take on human lives is horrible. Being able to share the gift of a home is one of the greatest opportunities you can have. Here are just some of what recipient families have shared upon receiving a new home…

Wendy, "Before receiving my home, I felt forsaken, helpless, extremely stressful. Once I received my home, it was like seeing a light at the end of a tunnel. Now it is practically indescribable the joy and peace I feel."

Fernando says, "FREEDOM, is the best word that can describe the impact of my home in my life. I feel free to bring whoever I want to, I can come and go from my home whenever I want to, my children can scream, play, and cry whenever they want to."

Heidy reports, "When I received the keys of my home in my hands, it still did not seem real to me. I felt I was dreaming. At the beginning I could not even sleep, not because I felt uncomfortable but because I still did not believe I was living in a real house for the first time.

Lilian Hernandez, "I will be forever thankful for the love and compassion that Mr. Scott, his family and his friends demonstrated to us through our home. They did not only provide a home for me and my girls, but they also provided peace to our lives."

Kiandra. "One aspect of my life that was absolutely impacted was my focus in my studies. Before getting my home I could not be focused in my studies, because I was always worried for my mom. Every single day I observed how my mom sacrifice working day and night just to give a better life than the one she had."

Raquel, "One of the best words that could define our lives before getting our home is, hopeless." Raquel said, "Our lives were like at the end of a tunnel, made no sense, we had no hope. However, thanks to a merciful and compassionate team, they made our lives bright in that darkness of that tunnel.

Jenny and Jeysi, "We love our home, because we have a place for everything! A place to sleep, to play, to cook and to have fun, it is just what we dreamed about."

“No words are enough to describe our gratefulness for getting such an amazing, fantastic, comfortable home”.

Christian, “The week you built my home, was literally the best week in my whole life.”

Merlin, “Getting a NEW HOUSE was like getting a NEW LIFE. Before getting my home, I cried every once in a while because I was sad and desperate because of my family’s condition of living. After getting my home, I still cry once in a while, not because I am sad and desperate but because I am happy, thankful and MOST IMPORTANT, I am BLESSED. My heart is filled with joy when I see my children sleeping in a bed and not on the floor, when I see them eating in a clean dining room and not having to sit on the dirt with all the bugs around them, but my heart is even filled with more joy and peace knowing that I am the owner of such a gorgeous home.”

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