Every family is precious. Every family has a story. Every family has a dream. 

Dwellings has been given the opportunity to serve in many different communities. The needs are great and we are introduced to families in need almost daily. Most of these families are introduced to us by trusted local community leaders. We have found that community opinion and support are critical for success to the individual family. With the communities “blessing” volunteer participation increases and opportunities to return to the area are welcomed. in addition, families must be purchasing or own land in order to avoid building a “squatter” home that will be taken away from them or being charged rent to live in the home. Dwellings tends to prioritize families by meeting the needs of abandoned women with children, families with no father due to death, and situations where families are living together due to lack of resources. Click on a location and meet some of the families who are patiently, prayerfully waiting for a home. Follow the links on their picture and you'll find out how you can start a campaign to build a home.