Every family is precious. Every family has a story. Every family has a dream. 

Dwellings has been given the opportunity to serve in many different communities. The needs are great and we are introduced to families in need almost daily. Most of these families are introduced to us by trusted local community leaders. We have found that community opinion and support are critical for success to the individual family. With the communities “blessing” volunteer participation increases and opportunities to return to the area are welcomed. in addition, families must be purchasing or own land in order to avoid building a “squatter” home that will be taken away from them or being charged rent to live in the home. Dwellings tends to prioritize families by meeting the needs of abandoned women with children, families with no father due to death, and situations where families are living together due to lack of resources. Take a moment and meet some of the families who are patiently, prayerfully waiting for a home. You can click on a family's picture to find out how you can start a campaign to build a home.


Roatan, Honduras

The Hernandez Family

This is Ana and Carlos Hernández. Carlos is a bricklayer. Currently, he has a temp job making about $18 a day, (when he gets to work). Ana takes care of her two adorable grandchildren Jair and Waldin. She gets paid by her daughter around $25 every month. Ana has 4 children: Karen (Mom of Jair and Waldin); she is 22 years old. Karen works as a salesperson at a souvenir shop and makes around $20 a day. Walter is 18 years old; he's in 10th grade, Arnold is 16 years old; he is in 7th grade and works to pay for his school expenses, (he works as a bricklayer’s helper). Luis is 13 years old; he is in 8th grade. Carlos is the step-father of Ana's children. Ana and Carlos have been living together for more than 5 years. They all work hard to support each other. In spite of the difficulties in their lives, they all have worked very hard to get a piece of land to build a nice and strong house for their family. Ana was only 9 years old when her mom was killed. She was not able to study, and thus can barely read and write. Since then, she has always worked to provide for her brothers and her own family. Let's work together to help this family. Let's plan to build a home for them!  

The Matamoro family

 Alex and Vilma have been married for almost 7 years. They have two lovely children named Osiel and Emily. Osiel is 5 years old and Emily is 3. Vilma used to take care of her nieces and nephews, but the money she earned was not enough to help Alex and her family. Currently Vilma works at a supermarket in the cleaning area. She makes around $350 a month.  Alex works in the same supermarket as a security guard. Alex is a hardworking husband and a very responsible dad. Life has not been easy for Alex and Vilma. They have been saving little by little to buy a piece of land. Their desire and biggest dream is to one day build a home for their children. Are you the one that will help them by making their dream come true?

The Castro Family

Miguel and Delsy have been married for almost 8 years. They have a gorgeous daughter named Amely, who is almost 3. Miguel is a firefighter and earns about $350 each month. Besides being a firefighter, he also works as a volunteer to train other firefighters. Miguel has always worked since he was a little boy. His parents had a little shoe making business. He used to help his parents to make and to sell the shoes. Miguel’s dad passed away a while ago, and his mom Maria lives with him now, she is 68 years old. He has been a very responsible son, dad and husband.  Unfortunately, Delsy was not able to grow up with her parents. Her dad abandoned her and her three brothers when she was only 9 years old. Since then, Delsy has had to work. Delsy grew up selling food out in the streets and studying at the same time. She was able to study all the way to high school. Currently she is unemployed and stays at home to take care of her little girl. Let’s make Miguel, Delsy, Amely and Maria's (Miguel's mother) dream come true. Let’s build a beautiful and safe home for them.

The Pacheco Family

Karen is a single mom. She has three beautiful sweet boys: Alrick, Sonny and Andrew. Karen's biggest dream is to give her boys a better life than the one she had. Karen was able to finish her studies all the way to highschool. Unfortunately, she has not been able to find a decent and permanent job. Currently, Karen works at a souvenir shop as a salesperson. Her pay depends on two things: A cruise ship must be in port and how much she gets to sell during any given day. Karen’s ex-husband does not help her economically to support her children. She has been a dad and a mom to her three boys. Karen has been able to get a piece of land to build her children a nice and comfortable home. Let’s be part of Karen's dream! Let's give her and her boys a hand by providing a home for this family.




The Reyes Canales Family

Doris and Mario met and married 17 years ago. They have been living in the island for 12 years. Doris is 34 years old and Mario 38 years old. They both couldn’t finish their studies when they were children. When they got married they decided to continue to study, but they were only able to finish 6th grade because they couldn’t afford it anymore. Doris started working when she was 12 years old. Neither Mario nor Doris had an easy life growing up, and they still don´t have an easy life as adults. Doris still works selling food out in the streets. Once a week she makes tamales. She makes between 80 – 150 tamales, she charges $1.06 per tamale. She also sells clothes during the week. Mario has a temporary job, he works as a carpenter, and he makes $255 monthly. Doris and Mario have three beautiful children: Riccy is 15 years old, Denis is 10 years old and Lesly is 6.. The Reyes Canales family is a very hard working family; let´s give them a hand by building their dream home.

The Mecillas Family

Day by day Jessica and her husband work as hard as they can to give their daughters a better life. They have been living on Roatan for about 7 years. Jessica works at her home making piñatas to help with the expenses of the house and their daughters education. Her husband works as a mechanic earning a percentage of the income from the cars he gets to fix during the month. He works 7 days a week and does not like taking a day off. He says that the more he gets to work, the more money he gets to earn to feed his family. There are two beautiful daughters in this family. Naydili 10 years old and Neiri Giselle 4 years old. Building a home for the Mencillas family will absolutely be huge blessing for their life.

The Bautista Family

Bertilda is 40 years old. She has three children named: Jonathan, Noé and Javier. Jonathan is the oldest, he is 19 years old and is in 12th grade. Jonathan studies and works to pay for his own study expenses. He works at a restaurant in the storage area. Noe is 17 years old and in 10th grade. Noe studies and works to pay for his studies as well. Javier is 5 years old. Bertilda’s husband passed away 6 years ago. Sadly, he was an alcoholic and was killed by somebody else. Bertilda has always worked, even when she was married. Currently she rents a little place and sells food and sodas for living. Bertilda is such a hardworking woman and a very responsible mother. Bertilda’s mom, Gilma also lives with them. Together they have been saving money little by little to buy a piece of land. Their biggest dream and desire is to build a safe, strong and comfortable place to live in. Let’s make the Bautista family dream come true.

The Lopez Family

Angel, 34 and Gregoria, 38, have been married for 13 years. They have been living in the island for almost 8 years. They have two lovely children; Angel Junior, 13, is in 7th grade and Angelica, 11, is in the 6th grade. Angel and Gregoria work as hard as they can to provide for their family. Angel works at a lumberyard loading trucks. He grew up with both of his parents. However, they couldn’t afford to send Angel to school. Angel’s parents had a farm. They grew corn, beans, banana, etc. Unfortunately, the money they got from selling their crops  was not enough to give Angel an education. Angel left his home at the age of 13 years old. He moved to Roatán to look for a job to support his parents and sibblings. Angel was able to finish 6th grade a few years ago. Gregoria also grew up with both of her parents. She did have the opportunity to get her dregree in sewing. She worked for three years at a clothing manufacturing business before moving to Roatán to look for a better life and to support her parents. Currently, Gregoria has a little convinience store. She sells products such as: chips, sodas, water, candies, etc. Together they have dreamed of giving their children a more stable life than the one they both had as children. Let’s bless this family and build a home for them.

The Romaña Family

Miriam is 40 years old and came to the island 21 years ago. Miriam has five siblings. Her mother abandoned her and her siblings when she was just a little girl. When she was 12 years old, she moved to her uncle´s house, but life didn´t improve. One day her uncle tried to rape her, so she decided to leave. She thought she would be safe with her brother, but was tragically raped by him as well. Not knowing what to do, she decided to move to Roatan. It was here she met her husband. Sadly, her husband began drinking and using drugs. The situation got worse and he started beating her. It took several years, but Miriam eventually left him. Currently, she is working at a hotel in the pantry area. Her monthly salary is about $300.   Miriam has three children: Estrella, her oldest daughter, is 21 years old. Estrella has three children: Jose Angel, (6), Christopher,  (4) and Diana Esther should be born any day. Edwin, Miriam's son, is 12 years old, and is in the 6th grade. Bryan, is 9, and in the 4th grade.   Miriam says that,  ¨One of my biggest worries is that one day I will be gone knowing that I couldn’t provide a home for my children.¨ Let´s make a difference in their lives.

The Wild Cane School

The Wild Cane Community is located on the north side of the island of Roatan, in between the towns of Coxen Hole and Sandy Bay. This small bilingual community was home to much of the islands wild sugar cane, thus the areas name. Currently there is a small kinder and preschool here that hosts a large number of students. However, there is no government sponsored elementary school, which means families here must transport their children to nearby towns for their education. This is a costly endeavor and many students simply leave school as their families cannot afford to send them. Sheila Henry, (pictured on front cover, far right) does not believe this is right and has dedicated her life to seeing that these children received a quality education. For years she has operated a small, one room schoolhouse in the community. Today that house is home to a classroom which provides an education for more than 90 students each and every day. Shiela believes she can do more. Click here to download the Wild Cane School Proposal

The Centeno Family

This is the Centeno Family. Jessenia has been living in Roatán for more than 17 years. She has 4 children: Yohan, Nadia, Yorleni and Yorlani. Yohan, Nadia and Nadia’s children: Fabian and Osabeth live in the main land with Jessenia’s father. Yorleni and Yorlani are twins, they live with their mom Yessenia. Jessenia works as a housekeeper. She is a single mom. She lost her first husband when Yohan was 7 years old and Nadia was 3 years old. Yohan and Nadia decided to move to the main land to live with their grandfather because Jessenia does not have enough space for them to live in with her. Let’s REUNITE this family by building a nice, comfortable and strong home for them. They need our help with a home. Will you consider building this family a home in 2018?

The Hernández Zambrano Family

"I can do things you can not, you can do things I can not; together we can do great things." -Mother Teresa. Mark one week in your calendar for next year 2018. Fly down to Roatán, Bay Islands, Honduras. Let's be part of a family's dream. Let's build a home together for them! Let's make a DIFFERENCE together. Change the lives of this family! You can do this! This is the Hernández Zambrano Family. Wilmer, Yamileth and their 3 young boys need our help with a home. Will you consider building this family a home in 2018?

The Enamorado Family

 Mirna is 42 years old and has 6 children. She sells fruits and vegetables in front of her house. Mirna’s 2 middle children ive with her, but the 2 youngest  live with their grandparents in the mainland, because the house where they are currently living is too small. Licci is 24 years old and works as bus driver. Her salary depends on comission and tips from tourists. She has two cute children named Genesis, (10 yrs) and Angelo, (1 yr). Licci has a relationship with Jeffrey who helps Mirna sell fruits and vegetables as well. Keyla is 22 years old and has one more year of high school to finish. She stopped studying because she coulnd’t afford it. She helps her mom to sell fruits and vegetables. She has two beautiful children named Natalia, (4 yrs) and Marvin, (2 yrs). She has a relationship with Carlos who also helps Mirna to sell fruits and vegetables. Mirna has a relationship with Entimo and they have been living together for 7 years. Entimo is 47 years old and helps in the family’s small business. The Enamorado family needs a nice, strong and comfortable home. Will you be the one to help?


Cofradia, Mexico

The Carrillo Valeria Family

Fernando Carrillo first met Ana Valeria five years ago, when she was attending high school with his sister and would come to his house to visit her. However, after she graduated, Ana moved to the capital city of Tepic to work. Once she got there, she invited Fernando’s sister to come work with her. A few months after his sister started working with Ana, Fernando and his family went to Tepic; his mother was battling cancer, and she was receiving treatments in the hospital there. The two started spending time together and soon were dating. Six months later, they moved in with each other in Fernando’s dad’s house in Cofradía, where they have lived for the past two and a half years. This sweet couple now has a young son named Kevin and a baby girl named Odalis. Fernando works in the fields, and Ana takes care of the children. Fernando’s dad gave them some land behind his house to build a home of their own. For this young, active couple, having a home of their own would mean having a place where they can live in peace and focus on raising their children.

The Lopez Carillo Family

Zeferino Carillo-Matías and Jesús Lopez-Vázquez have four children and currently work as field hands only for two or three months every year in order to support their children. When they travel to find work, the children have to stay with Jesús’s mother. This is because the children are young, and the home where they currently live is unsafe.  They don’t want to risk anything happening to the children. In addition, Zeferino works in Tepic (about an hour and a half from Cofradia) when he can, helping with construction.  This kind of work does not provide sufficent income to make improvements on their home.  During the rainy season, they have to find somewhere else to stay because their roof leaks so badly. They are seeking God’s provision of much more work in order to provide a better living situation for their family. In other words, they are waiting on a miracle.

The Martinez Partida Family

Diego Martinez and Sandy Partida live in a borrowed house in Las Pilas.  This young couple has been together for 11 years.  They met while working in the fields planting melons.  Sandy was interested in Diego and wanted him to ask her out.  She remembers watching other young ladies flirt with Diego, so she decided not to wait and asked him out, instead.  The couple dated for four months before moving in together.  Now, Diego cares for cows and repairs fences, and Sandy makes and sells cheese during the rainy season.  They really want to have children and are seeing a doctor who is helping them with their fertility struggles. The couple has lived in the borrowed house for five years, and they are ready to feel the security that comes with knowing they are in a home of their own.  This home would also be a place where they would start their family and raise their children.

The Orozco Rodriguez Family

Guillermo (Guille) Orozco Franco and Valeria Danitza Rodriguez Rojas have a young daughter named Kathy Makeila Orozco Rodriguez. The couple shares a deep sense of responsibility before God to care for their family.  They currently live in the house that belonged to Guille’s great-grandmother. Guille’s grandfather gave them some land as a gift, but Guille wants to save up the money to pay him for it.  Guille does everything he can to earn money: he helps with construction projects, repairs electrical items, works in the fields, and teaches classes to the indigenous adults and youth who haven’t completed elementary and/or middle school. Sometimes, he works in the state capital, Tepic—about an hour and a half from Cofradia—helping with construction projects and selling fish and shrimp. Valeria stays home and takes care of Kathy. The family’s income still is not enough to pay for a house. Valeria and Guille agree that if they were selected to receive a house, it would truly be a blessing from God.

The Vázquez Martinez Family

José Vázquez and Silvia Martinez are raising their young son, José Alexis in the nearby town of Santa Fe.  The couple met in Chihuahua where José was working in orchards picking apples and peaches.  Two years later, Silvia came to work in the same fields, and José fell for her right away.  After dating for five months, the couple moved to Santa Fe where José now works in the nearby fields, and Silvia cares for José Alexis. The family lives in a home they are borrowing from José’s parents.  The house floods during the rainy season.  For this family, having a house would mean having the security of being in a home of their own on their land.  It would also be a safe place for them to live that wouldn’t flood every year.

The Serrano Panuco Family

Luis Serrano and Katia Panuco live in Cofradía where they are raising their beautiful daughter, Rosario. Luis first saw Katia in San Juan while he was selling water in the towns.  He asked her out, and they dated for two years before moving in together in Luis's parents' house.  Luis hurt his finger, a while back, working on a boat in Mazatlán.  He has a lot of pain in his finger which makes it difficult for him to work.  He currently drives a dump truck and assists auto mechanics for supplemental income.  Katia stays home and cares for Rosario. Luis and Katia have been given land by Luis's father, and they know having a home of their own would be a great blessing.

The Valdez Family

Mercedes Valadez is a single mother raising her teenage daughter, Mar. They are from the nearby town of Tuxpan, and now live in the ranching community of Los Arrayanes. Mercedes and Mar live in a borrowed house and soon need to move because the owners need the house again.  She currently has nowhere to live, but owns an empty piece of property on which to build.  Mercedes’ income comes from doing odd jobs, and selling meals to the field workers, and harvesting the garbanzo beans she planted.  Her dream is to have a home full of love and happiness where she can raise Mar and where Jesus would be the center of their lives.

The Vázquez Family

María Vázquez is a hard working single mother raising her young son, Eric in the nearby town of Santa Fe.  When she was younger, María worked in Ruiz where she met Eric’s dad.  He moved to the United States, and later María and Eric moved there to be with him.  It didn’t work out for them, so María and Eric moved back to Mexico and stayed with her sister.  However, when her sister’s husband returned home, they had to move out.  She rented a house for a while, but it was very difficult for her to make the payments with money she earned selling meals.  When her brother and his family moved to Cofradía, they loaned María their house in Santa Fe.  Everyday, she worries that her brother will need his house again, and she and Eric will be asked to move.  For her, having a home would mean happiness, peace and the security of having a place of her own where she knows she would never be asked to leave.

Potrerillos, Cuba

The Ruiz Martinez Family

Yadinei is 35 years old. She is a mom of 2 beautiful children: David, 11 and Dario, 5. Yadinei ́s mom, Griselda, 65, lives with the family. Yadinei works as a salesperson. She buys and sells kitchen, bathroom and school supplies in her little village. Naturally, with the lack of finances in her village, this job does not provide much for her family. She supplements her income by sewing clothes and repairing carpets for her neighbors. Yadinei was 20 years old when she married the father of her 2 children. They separated 5 years ago after only 8 years together. David and Dario’s father has chosen not to help provide for his kids. The house where they are currently living in is not hers, nor is the land. Yadinei and her mother were able to secure a piece of land of their own nearby. Let ́s help this family build a safe and comfortable home in order to have a new start in their lives. 

The Alvarez Family

Rafael (51) works as a home inspector in the village where he lives. He is single and lives with his dad and his sister. His father´s name is also Rafael (87). He cannot see or hear well.  His sister´s name is Damaris (45) . At birth she was oxygen deprived and suffers from a brain disorder as a result. Rafael´s mom used to take care of Damaris, but she passed away a few years ago, so now Damaris life is in Rafael’s hands. After high school Rafael was trained in a program as a Territorial Technician. He is a very hard working man and a very loving and caring brother and son. Rafael works to supply for his father and sister’s needs. Rafael has been working as a home inspector for 30 years. His monthly salary is about $18. The home they live in now is falling down. They would be blessed to have a new place to call home. Will you be the one to help fulfill their dream?

The Hernandez Sarduy Family

Edisbel is 40 years old. He has been a farmer since he was a little kid. Although he owns a farm, he has the obligation to sell to the government his first crops at their designated price. If he has any crops left he can sell them to his friends or family at his own price. Edisbel’s annual income is about $260-$300, (during a good harvest year). Yusneidi is 33 years old. Since she got married she has never worked outside of the house. Edisbel and Yusneidi struggled in their first years of marriage as they were not able to have children. It was not until 2013 when God did a miracle in Yusneidi´s life. Yusneidi and Edisbel now have two beautiful and precious daughters, and there is a third baby on the way. Their current house is very deteriorated and falling apart. Let´s bring Edisbel and Yusneidi happiness and joy by providing a nice comfortable home.