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Building Homes, Changing Lives

DwellingsNow is a charity that has been building homes and changing lives since 2009 by providing shelter and hope for recipient families as well as a life-changing experience for those involved in the building process. Your involvement will make a lasting difference in the lives of those who live in difficult living situations. By making a donation or becoming a volunteer you will help provide a new start for a grateful family.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to help as many families as possible, with our focus at this time being on the island of Roatan, the mainland of Honduras, and in Palmor, Colombia, by building and presenting homes that bring dignity, hope, security, and a fresh start to our "neighbors" in need, making the dream of owning a home a reality.

Build Locations


Roatan, Honduras

Mainland Honduras

Palmor, Colombia

Board of Directors

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Tom Hackett

Founder and Executive Director

- Has founded or co-founded several other startups 
    * Youth with a Mission - Mazatlan, Mexico
    * Surfers for Missions International
    * Medical & Dental clinic, & church plant in rural Nayarit, Mexico
    * Medical & Dental clinic, & school in the Bay Islands of Honduras.

"DwellingsNow impacts the home recipient family in a plethora of ways by proving shelter, restoring dignity, hope, and a place to build a family with a sense of security and permanence. It is a beautiful thing to see a family's eyes as they participate in the building of their home and then sleep in the home their first night knowing they are experiencing the opportunity for a new and better life."

Steve Headshot  2 _edited_edited.jpg

Steve Critchlow


"I joined with DwellingsNow team serving their objective to bring hope to those that deserve a home. With more than thirty years of experience with various missions, I am blessed to support the success of others, as I lead through service, seeing both youth and adults together reaching across the cultural barriers as we demonstrate caring with a tangible love, compassion, and hope." 


Jeff Vehrs

Vice President

Home Builder & Real Estate Developer

Served 10 years with Youth With A Mission

"I have been involved with DwellingsNow from its beginning, and for years I've seen how DwellingsNow has changed the lives for family after family by providing homes for those without."

Ed Yackin


"Earning a B.S. degree in Production Management, my career began in the government aerospace industry and later into the non-profit sector. Over the last 24 years, I’ve served as an Operations Manager in the construction industry. Drawing now on both my personal and professional experiences, I am committed to being an integral part of DwellingsNow and to help positively and directly impact the lives of others in tangible ways."

TJ Headshot.JPG

Trevor Johnson


Chief Executive Officer at Blackwood Builders Group

Group "DwellingsNow makes a difference by lifting up everyone in the process. Their hands-on partnership with the teams building the homes as well as the families in need is what makes DwellingsNow so special. Everyone involved grows from the experience." 

Dorothy Pic .jpg

Dorothy Sekabira

Human Resources Specialist 

"I participated in buildings homes on Roatan while I was in college and the experience left a strong impression on me. It's a privilege to be involved again, to see DwellingsNow still going strong and impacting families long term for the better."


Wayne Elpus

 Chief Innovation Officer of Black Mountain Systems


Systems "I became familiar with DwellingsNow after purchasing a home in Roatan in 2019. I was so impressed with how donations to the organization directly impacted lives here so positively that I felt compelled to become more involved."


Eric Drivdahl

Licensed Architect, Washington State, 2013

"As an architect, I am privileged to design and craft exquisite dream homes of the Pacific Northwest. As a volunteer and financial supporter of DwellingsNow, I get to participate in building homes for families that fulfill their wildest dreams for a home. In this work, I also get to witness first-hand how each DwellingsNow home transforms the lives of each family and their communities in powerful ways.  I see the simple, affordable, and life-changing work done over a few days on each DwellingsNow house build as a lightning bolt of extraordinary good, whose thunder reverberates throughout the life of each family and their community."


Jim Paris

Jim Paris is the owner of Paris Plumbing in the Seattle, Washington area. Jim has been serving in churches and foreign ministry for many years. He has worked closely with DwellingsNow in Honduras, Cuba, and Mexico.

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