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Welcoming Rudy Roberts as Executive Director

The Board of Directors is pleased to announce and welcome Rudy Roberts as our new executive director! Many of you may already recognize her as a familiar face as she has passionately worked alongside DwellingsNow for several years leading many build teams following the very first build she was a part of in December of 2012. She has consistently demonstrated exceptional commitment and leadership on each of the 19 builds she has led over the past 11 years, and she is excited to celebrate her 20th build very soon in December!

Rudy brings years of experience as an executive director, building an organization from the ground up, demonstrating both success and her life-long passion for helping those in need, while inviting and equipping others to join her in doing the same.

With her wealth of experience, a deep understanding of our mission, and a true passion for the work we do, we are confident that she will lead us forward, increasing our impact of building homes and changing lives.

Together, let us extend our wholehearted support to Rudy as she takes on her new and exciting role with us!

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