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Great Things Happening at our Colombia Location!

We're excited to share about exciting developments happening at our Colombia location!

Our first build team in Colombia made their trip at the beginning of October, and the experience was a great success! This first trip was foundational for future projects for many reasons.

The remote coffee town of Palmor sits high in the Sierra Nevada mountains; very few visitors pass through aside from a handful of tourists visiting for the mountain trails or the famously known coffee that is produced there.

The response from the local community during the visit from the Watersprings Church team was better than we could have hoped! The locals were warm, welcoming, and grateful for business that the team brought as well as friendship that was extended during their time there. We know that this community will be looking forward to the visits from future teams to come!

The construction process in Palmor requires a large amount of materials and time specifically because of the environment and weather there, but the Watersprings Church team rose to the challenge and accomplished a lot of the labor required for a home for the Varela Gonzales family in the short amount of time they were there.

The team enjoyed the hospitality of the community in the pride displayed as meals were served in the local restaurants, the exchange of smiles and waves as they walked through the community, and even gifts they parted with allowing them to take a small part of Palmor home with them! The team was asked more than once how long would it be before they were able to visit again.

We are excited for all the homes that are in progress in Palmor, Colombia; one home is in the final stages of construction, and the construction of two more homes is underway! We are excited to be welcoming two more teams in the coming months for the continued work on these homes, one of which will be specially built in memory of Stanley and Rosalie Yacknin, the beloved parents of one of our DwellingsNow Board Members.

In addition to these team builds, funds have already been raised for 2 more homes and the build process for these will begin soon within the remaining time left in this year!

We are scheduling build teams for 2023! If you are interested in traveling to Palmor, Colombia and blessing a family with a home, please contact us for more information!

Thank you for all you do in your support of building homes and changing lives!

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