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Generosity inspires Generosity

We were so touched to hear that two local families from our new location in Palmor, Colombia decided to donate land so that two families in need could be candidates for a new home!

Over the course of this past year, locals have been watching our director, local build coordinators, and volunteer teams make a passionate effort to change the lives of families living in desperate conditions in this little, secluded mountain community. This effort has been matched by businesses and other families wanting to help where they can by offering their best prices or even most recently in these donations of buildable land for candidate families.

Your generosity has inspired generosity and is impacting the community as a whole in a big way!

This is not a new revelation to us as we also continue to experience the same type of responses in our Roatan and mainland Honduras locations as well. Big companies have offered a discounted rate on building materials or appliances for recipient families. Finca owners have volunteered their extra time and energy to oversee build projects from start to finish earning nothing in return. Members of other recipient families who have already received their home in the past quickly volunteer to join an ongoing build for a new neighbor.

Whether you donate or travel to be a part of a volunteer build team, know that your generosity and kindness are multiplied and often cause a ripple effect that impacts more than you probably will ever see or know!

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