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The Department of Magdalena

Magdalena is one of the northernmost departments in Colombia with its coast located on the Caribbean Sea, and because of this, it is not surprising that the department is mainly known for its beaches. For those who do their research, though, they would learn that this department includes other beautiful areas with much different terrain. One of these include the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta - an isolated mountain range identified as the highest coastal range in the tropics. 

Travelling up into these mountains will lead to different secluded towns and communities. One of these towns is called Palmor: a small community who prides themselves on the farming and production of  high-grade, organic coffee. Although the town exports coffee that ends up on shelves around the world, the workers that pick the beans on the steep terrain make low, seasonal wages. It is a town of hard workers that dream of a better future for their families, but being secluded in their small mountain town provides few opportunities. During our initial visits to Colombia we were introduced to the town and have gotten to know the community that lives there. Palmor is our current focus in Magdalena as we begin building homes for desperate families in Colombia. 

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