Build a home for a family in need

in 1 week you can build a home for a family in mexico or honduras

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What's the process?


Plan your trip

Understand the cost, choose a build candidate and start recruiting your team. 

Go and build

You don't have to be a construction professional to build a home for a family in need.



Dwellings is a charity that is committed to building homes and changing lives by providing shelter and hope for recipient families as well as a life changing experience for those involved in the building process. 

Your involvement will make a lasting difference in the lives of those who live in difficult living situations. By making a donation or becoming a volunteer you will help provide a new start for a grateful family. 


Candidate Families

Meet some of our candidate families, hear their stories and help fulfill their dreams by providing a safe and comfortable house for them and their children. Get a team together, start a campaign and join us in our mission to build homes and change lives. 


Where we work

Dwellings is currently building homes throughout Mexico and on the island of Roatan off the north coast of Honduras. Each of these locations provide fun, adventure and the opportunity to discover and learn an entirely new culture. You'll love to experience where we work.



We've had the joy of serving with hundreds of volunteers over the past decade. Listen to what some of our friends have to say about their experience of building a home for a family in need with Dwellings. 


Reserve Your Adventure

We're ready to parter with you. Dates are available for build teams in each of our locations. Use the link below and send us an email. We'll get in touch with you and connect you with a family in need and help to build your team and set up an online fundraising campaign that you can use. Let's work together to build homes and change lives.