What to Expect

Dwellings has been hosting build teams for over a decade. We are committed to making your time in our host country the most exciting and memorable experience ever. From the moment you arrive, we'll take care of every detail so that you don't have to worry about a thing. We'll transport you from the airport to where you'll be staying and make sure every meal is taken care of. You'll enjoy familiar meals and have the opportunity to partake of local cuisine. Every tool you'll need will be ready at the build site and we can also help arrange activities during the days your team is not working.


what will the weather be like?

Our build locations are in hot, humid climates. You can expect the temperatures to be in the 80's and 90's. However, like many areas, when it rains...IT POURS. There are several months every year where these locations can endure heavy rains, (most often in the fall/winter). The evenings during the winter can also become chilly. Make sure to plan accordingly. 


what will I be eating?

You'll enjoy a great mix of hometown favorites, (think burgers, fries and ice cold Coke) as well as local dishes like street tacos, seafood and fresh pork. In places like Roatan, you'll eat at local restaurants, whereas in Mexico, you'll eat at local homes as well as where you're staying. Sorry, gluten free hasn't exactly arrived south of the border. 


Where You'll Stay


roatan - seagrape plantation

Most teams that join us in Roatan will stay at this small hotel located in the community of West End. Here you'll find double occupancy rooms, private bathrooms and most important, air conditioning. You'll also have access to a pool and close proximity to nearby shopping and diving. Don't worry about bringing your own bedding.  


Cofradia - Dwellings base

In Cofradia, our long-term staff have built a beautiful and comfortable base that has a mix of dorm-style rooms as well as the more local palapa, (three walls and a thatch roof). The base is secure and you'll have access to bathrooms and showers at all times. You'll want to pack along sheets, a pillow and depending on the time of year, a light blanket. 


Pt Peñasco - varios

In Puerto Peñasco, we offer teams the opportunity to either set up their own places to stay, or allow us to assist with lodging. If you choose to allow us to organize your stay, we have a network of private residences that can meet the needs of your build team. However, as Puerto Peñasco is a tourist destination, there are many hotel options as well.