The Cost

Dwellings makes organizing the finances for your team a simple process. There are two fees that you'll need to consider as you're putting together your team. The first is the build fee, or rather, the cost of the home itself. The second is the individual ground fee. This is the fee that covers all food, transportation and housing at the build location. The only additional fee is your airfare, which is handled by each individual team member.



Build Fee

Dwellings standard build fee is $15,000. This covers the cost of all foundation prep work, the tools and materials necessary to build a sturdy and beautiful 2 bedroom/1 bathroom house. There are add-ons available at each of our build locations. You can find out more about the houses we build here

Ground Fee

Ground fees are $800 per person. This fee covers all food, transportation and hotels, as well as various local government applied taxes at your destination. You won't have to worry about any of the details. Our build team has got you covered! The only other cost you'll need to cover is the airfare to get you to your build location. 

Raising support

Those numbers can seem like a lot! In more than 10 years of sending build teams and over 130 homes constructed, there has never been a team that hasn't met their financial goals. We've hosted neighbors, led by soccer moms, high school youth groups, class graduation trips, businesses, churches and much, much more. We'll provide you with online tools to help you and your team meet, and more often than not, exceed your projected build fee. It's an incredible opportunity to see how God can and does provide when we commit ourselves to helping those in need. 



We ask that committed teams give a $50 per person, refundable deposit to secure their build dates and location. We realize that more often than not, a team might not be solidified at the time of commitment. There may be people who add-on or drop-off, and that's ok. We'll work with you to make sure deposit fees are only collected for those who actually go. 

Due dates

Deposits are due within 30 days of a team committing to go. We ask that both ground fees and build fees be paid in full by 30 days prior to departure. Trips can be planned as far in advance, or as quickly as you like. Again, we'll work with you to insure that the financial collection dates work best for you and your team.