It is truly amazing to see the change in the lives of the families Dwellings has helped. Every contribution in time or money has a big impact. I feel honored to be working with an organization that makes such a large impact on people’s lives...
— Mark Huber, Huber Custom Building Inc.

Dwellings is an amazing blessing to so many people with exponential impact in the communities being served and a transformative organization led by the passion, focus, hard work, and indefatigable spirit of many.
— Doug Dreher - The Hotel Group

Thank you Dwellings for the dedication, support, and help provided to those in the most need on our island.
— Mariela Wesley - Seagrape Plantation

Dwellings is the real thing. The teams are making a huge difference in people lives. The Dwellings homes are built with love and will last because of durable construction techniques. I am looking forward to doing what we can to help with many more homes on the Island of Roatan
— Ceasar Oseguera - Madeyso

Dwellings is something we can get behind. We love the mission and the meaning of the work - sharing the Kingdom of God through the love nailed into each home board is making a difference in many peoples lives.
— Mark Sandeno - Helpful Human

After seeing in person what Dwellings can do I immediately was impressed to raise our discounts to Dwellings from 10/15% to 20/25%. I am thrilled to be involved in changing lives with Dwellings.
— Carlos Molineros - Molineros

The Dwellings Team is amazing. I’ve been working with this team of volunteers since they started changing lives on this island, one family at a time. I personally know three of the families that have received new homes and these people are strong, hardworking and deserving people.
— Dan Taylor - ACME Environmental