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"Before receiving my home, I felt forsaken, helpless, and extremely stressed out. Once I received my home, it was like seeing the light at the end of a tunnel. Now it is practically indescribable the joy and peace I feel."
- Wendy • Roatan Home Recipient

"I meet and get to serve with the most amazing, generous, and loving people. It is a great blessing to be part of something that helps families with their biggest needs. "
- Lilian Pavon • Roatan DwellingsNow Coordinator

"The word that described our lives before receiving our home was, hopeless. Our lives made no sense, we had no hope. However, thanks to a merciful and compassionate team, they made our lives bright in the darkness of that tunnel. "
- Raquel • Home Recipient

"Each team and family I work with has its own unique experiences and unforgettable moments. "
- Geovanny Pavon • Roatan Construction Foreman

"DwellingsNow is doing "it" right.  Meeting needs and providing dignity while embracing the opportunity to serve others with grace and love has encouraged me to live my life the same way."
- Sandra Critchlow • Youth Leader

"Working with Dwellings  was incredibly fulfilling. Dwellings helped us accomplish it, when we weren't sure we could."
- Stacey Chellis • Church Team Coordinator

"The week you built my home, was the best week of my whole life."
- Christian • Home Recipient

"Hands down the thing that I think every day and that I hope my kids took with them after the build is that they may not be able to change the world, but they can change someone's world. "
- Home Build Participant

"My heart is filled with joy when I see my children sleeping in a bed and not on the floor when I see them eating in a clean dining room and not having to sit on the dirt with all the bugs around them, but my heart is even filled with more joy and peace knowing that I am the owner of such a gorgeous home."
- Merlin • Home Recipient

"It is truly amazing to see the change in the lives of the families DwellingsNow has helped. Every contribution in time or money has a big impact. I feel honored to be working with an organization that makes such a large impact on people's lives..."
- Mark Huber • Huber Custom Building Inc.

"Thank you DwellingsNow for the dedication, support, and help provided to those in the most need on our island. "
- Mariela Wesley • Seagrape Plantation

"DwellingsNow is the real thing. The teams are making a huge difference in people lives. The DwellingsNow homes are built with love and will last because of durable construction techniques. I am looking forward to doing what we can to help with many more homes on the Island of Roatan"
- Ceasar Oseguera • Madeyso Lumber & Hardware, Roatan

After seeing in person what DwellingsNow can do I was impressed to raise our discounts to Dwellings from 15% to 25%. I am thrilled to be involved in changing lives with Dwellings. 
- Carlos Molineros  • Molineros Furniture & Appliance store

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