Start A Campaign


The FundEasy web based funding tool is easy to set up and use. To begin click on the “START A CAMPAIGN” button above.

When you register you will be asked:

  • For a photo of yourself to upload

  • Social Networking - Enable all forms of sharing that you think will be appropriate for your team.

  • Your page will then load. Watch the video for instructions and ideas.

  • Fundraising Goal: In order to start a campaign you have to choose some amount. Once your campaign is up and running you can go in and change that amount to whatever you want it to be. Thedefault amount is $15,000. You will need to edit the goal amount later to reflect your locations build amount - Roatan $16,500 and Puerto Peñasco, Mexico $17,000 plus “add-on” amounts if you choose to add build options to the home.

  • Fundraising Deadline - choose “when I meet my goal".

  • Title - A custom title can identify your unique team and make an impression - be creative.

  • Profile Settings - add your picture, logo or some photo so people can see you are the sponsor of the fundraising effort.

  • Deadline - "When I reach my goal"


Ok, now that you have the basics, let's make it look pretty:

  • Add Photos - Suggestions for photos...the recipient family, photos of your team, a map of the location of the build... make sure and add captions to the photos. If you do not have the photos you need contact us at

  • Welcome Message - This is where it gets personal. Feel free to be creative when calling folks to action. Include that content about the recipient family that can be found on their candidate profile page or contact Tom Hackett for more information.

  • Updates - This is important...Write updates to keep your friends engaged until your fundraising goal is reached! This is similar to posting on Facebook or a blog. The Updates will automatically be sent as an email to those in your donor group. This is a great way to keep your donors in the loop and joining you on your adventure. An Update can include... A photo and note on how things are developing. A story you'd like to share related to your fundraiser or the build itself (you will be able to post photos and content while on the field building). Just remember to be creative, build interest, take your donors on this adventure with you and let them be a part of all the details and experiences.

  • Record Offline Gift - You can add donations from cash/check gifts you are given or you become aware of. Encourage donations by check (these incur less fees to process).



Now that you've created your campaign, it's time to promote it. Spread the word! Share the fundraising website via social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and your email list. When people hear of what you are doing many will want to help you with the building material costs. Encourage all your team members to visit the site, donate, and share the site.

Send out the link to the fundraising website multiple times with creative comments asking people to join you and/or informing people about what you are doing. Ask your FB "Fiends" to "share" your campaign on their Wall and expand your network. Research has shown that it takes the average recipient many exposures or views of your appeal before they start to feel that they understand what is being asked and then choose to participate.

Be sure to be creative and personal with your posts and tweets.