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The Impact of a Home

We have posted many times about the importance of building homes and how this physical gift can transform the recipient family's lives. What is great to see is how this gift CONTINUES to transform lives years after the gift is given. Recently, Mark Huber, a long-term build team participant traveled to Roatan, Honduras with a build team from California to build yet another home. During his time there he visited several families that he had the pleasure of providing a home for in years past. This is just one update from a recipient family: "I visited Kiandra and Juliet Gale. Kiandra graduated from a private school in Flowers Bay and is now attending classes at a university in Argentina, taking PreMed classes to become a doctor and return home to serve her community. This is one incredible girl! She has 7 more years of school ahead of her. If any of you want to be a part of a success story, helping this young lady will go a long way. Juliet works one job and her boss sends her entire pay check to the school to support her daughter's education. Her second job pays more of her expenses. To pay her own bills, she makes pastries and sells them. Creekside built the family a home. A good foundation is where it all begins. That is just one part of the family’s journey, one step at a time."

From homeless to seeing their daughter graduate high school and attend medical school. These stories are endless with families that have received such an extraordinary gift. Mark was able to visit another family during this trip. Here's what they had to say about life after receiving a home:

"The water on this island must have something in it. There seems to be an abundance of

Smart, Motivated young ladies here. Anouchka Zinara Sauceda is just one of them. She is starting her senior year in high school and is wondering about her future. Her sister has completed her first year of school at the catholic university on the mainland, working towards her engineering degree. Her mom is working by sewing clothes to pay for Ashley’s food. Her brother is working at a bank during the day and going to school at night to pay for her transportation. She has sponsors to pay for school expenses. The entire family works together and works hard to move forward for a better future. Dad has a problem with alcohol and is not able to help out. Anouchka has dreams to be an engineer

someday also. What will become of her dreams? Team Eclectic provided this family a home and a foundation to build from. How mighty of a castle will this family build ?"

Your partnership is transforming lives. This is SO MUCH MORE than just homes. It begins with the house, but where it goes from there is beyond anything we could imagine. Thank you for your partnership. Let's continue to build homes and change lives together.

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