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  • Tom Hackett

The Brilliance of "Go"

In Jesus last moments on earth and the future of God’s Kingdom and mankind at stake what master plan does Jesus reveal? It’s wrapped up in one word “GO”. Just GO. The command is that we are all too GO and to GO everywhere. We are to GO with the unique expression of the message of the Kingdom that God inspires within us. We are to GO realizing that God is with us assuring us of the guidance and provision we will need. What an amazingly, simple, and brilliant plan! Brilliant because of what happens if we obey it and go across the street or across the world. As we live our lives on the GO here are some of what takes place…

Awareness - You will see things differently.

Compassion arises.

You become responsible for what you encounter.

A calling to a deeper commitment can take place.

Purpose is discovered.

Life is filled with Adventure.

Faith grows. The ability to see a better outcome.

Truth makes sense.

Justice is achieved as we take action.

Creativity and Diversity is appreciated.

Community is experienced.

God’s Kingdom is realized. “Thy will be done”

God is still saying GO. What is your response? Are you willing to go to your neighbor near and far? Are you willing to trust God to provide what will be necessary to do what He puts in your heart to do? Have you taken the time to understand the unique way God wants to share His message through you? The master plan for the Kingdom to grow involves you going.

Are you willing like the prophet Isaiah to say “Here I am send me.”

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