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  • Tom Hackett


I love this bible verse and perspective on life “…Perhaps the LORD will help us. Nothing can keep the LORD from saving, whether by many or by few.” I Samuel 14:6

What is God putting on your heart to start. Be bold and courageous!

Startups - I think I was born for them. It took me a while to figure it out but eventually I learned that I was at my best when I was walking into the unknown. God has given me a high tolerance for risk and a strong belief that He cares about people and will go to great lengths to show them. So with that in mind new projects excite me and revive in me the awareness that when we “Go” we see the miraculous. Being a ready, fire, aim kind of guy I feel comfortable walking into situations and waiting for things to develop. I know we want to build homes everywhere but there are many unknowns that while they can be identified there is a “real time” discovery process that you have to walk into in order to get the information needed.

For example…

  • What is the big picture that we can fit in with?

  • Who are God’s people of peace in this location? Who do we partner with?

  • Who has the need? How will we encounter them? What systems are in place to help identify those in need?

  • What kind of home should we build based on the kind of materials available?

  • What are the initial and appropriate capital expenditures that will need to be made? How will that be provided?

  • How do we share the need of this particular location?

  • Who are the local people that we should work with and potentially hire to run the projects in the future?

While these questions are easy to list they can only be discovered through a process. God has a way of bringing people and resources together as we “Go” with the good news of the gospel.

In the famous words of the great missionary William Carey as we go we should “Expect great things from God and attempt great things for God.”

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