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  • Tom Hackett

5 Ways to Recruit a Team

So you want to build homes and change lives? You’ve read the material, you’ve prayed about the opportunity and you’ve decided this is for you! Now it’s time to recruit a team and take the plunge. GULP! About now you’re asking yourself, “How in the world do I even begin this process?” Well, we’ve thrown together a few thoughts of how you can be effective in recruiting your team.

1. Start with relationships. Tell your friends and family what you have in mind and share with them WHY you want to do this. Make sure they know that they too are invited to be a part. You’ll be amazed just how quick you can recruit a committed team of friends and family.

2. Be passionate. Are you passionate about this opportunity? People are attracted to leaders with passion and vision so if that naturally pours out of you, people will want to serve alongside you.

3. Know what you need. Identify the roles you have open and the qualities and skills needed to fill each role.

4. Cast vision about build. Instead of stating your need, present the opportunity your team has to make a difference.

5. Don’t say “no” for them. Some people automatically discount others because they think they won’t be interested in serving or don’t have the time. Ask them anyway. Many people would love to serve and are just waiting for you to ask.

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