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The products we enjoy are Provided by some of the poorest people in the world.

They often live in extremely simple and difficult conditions.


The Plan:

Our goal is to partner with individuals that consume the products, business owners who sell the products, and corporations that trade in the products along with those in the supply chain to provide homes and dignity to the indigenous workers that labor to produce and harvest the products we enjoy and depend upon. In the spirit of one of the stated purposes of their corporations The Business Roundtable members committed to “Dealing Fairly and ethically with our suppliers”. We acknowledge the desire to share with those who live very simple lives to provide for the abundant lifestyle we enjoy. Together we can provide humane, dignified, and secure housing for indigenous agricultural workers and their families.

It is what we do:

DwellingsAG is a department of Dwellings which is a nonprofit organization that exists to Build Homes and Change Lives by building homes for needy families. We have been building homes for families since 2009 and completed more than 130 homes in Mexico, Honduras and Cuba. We are planning to take our efforts to another level as we envision partnering with individuals, businesses and corporations to address the need of housing among agricultural workers around the world.

Our Services To the Donor/Sponsor:

  • Provide family bios and information about communities and local farms that are in need of homes or migrant farmer seasonal housing.

  • Provide promotional tools that assist donors with educating and promoting the need for housing and their efforts to help improve peoples lives.

  • Provide fundraising tools that help you, your friends and your customers raise the money to sponsor a home.

  • Provide reports throughout the process to completion of the home for the family you sponsor.

  • Provide ongoing support of your relationship between you as the sponsor and your family after the build.

  • Provide opportunities for you to travel to meet your family and learn about their lives.

  • Provide the staff necessary to assure proper processing and accounting of funds that are donated and homes completed.

On the Field:

  • Provide a team responsible for research, networking, designing a location appropriate home, hiring of local contractor/workers and oversight of the construction of the home.

Our Homes:

Our goal is to facilitate the building of homes that meets the local standard of a quality, and is functional and a durable home. A home a family will be proud to own and live in.

The Benefits of a Home:

  • Most importantly Inspires dignity and self respect.

  • Battles extreme poverty.

  • Strengthens community.

  • Frees up money for health and education.

  • Helps keep families together.

  • Helps to avert trafficking and migration

  • Helps sustain farming and production of needed products into the future.

Cost of a home:

$ The cost per home is being researched and yet to be determined. The cost will be impacted by local sourcing of materials, labor and design of the home.

Startup Seed Funding Goal: $ millions of dollars as the concept grows globally.

The cost of a home will depend on the “overhead” funding source. If overhead funding is raised separate from individual home funding donations it will dramatically affect the cost of a home for donors who want to sponsor a home. Along the lines of the Charity Water “Brand Partnerships” approach. Their 2018 income was S87,618,961.

Please watch the video below about social innovation, social entrepreneurship and funding nonprofits titled: “The way we think about charity is dead wrong”

Budget Items

  • Staff Salaries which would include department budgets

    • Staff - Director, Resource Development, Promotion, Project and Staff Manager(s), Field Directors, Accounting,

    • Promotion - Website based efforts, Social Medias, Print, Video, Blog, Vlog, Conferences, Trade Shows, Sit Downs, Events, etc.

    • Field Directors + travel expenses

      • Local Build Coordinators

  • Research and Development

    • Field - locating and developing locations

I would like to meet with you if you are interested in the concept and helping to fund the startup and development of DwellingsAg.

My contact information: Tom Hackett cell: 623 521-9742 email: tom@dwellingsnow.com

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