Building Homes, Changing Lives


Alternative Missions had been doing ministry in Mexico and Honduras since the early 90's. Dwellings director, Tom Hackett, saw the opportunity to connect people who shared in the desire to serve the poor with those who were in need of housing. Our first Dwellings home was built in Cofradia, Mexico in late 2009, followed by a build in Roatan, Honduras in early 2010. Since that time, Dwellings has partnered with hundreds of volunteers to construct homes in 4 countries. 

Today, Dwellings continues to operate in two locations in Mexico and in Roatan, Honduras. Our desire is to partner with churches, schools, businesses, and individuals to impact as many families as possible.

Dwellings Goals

  • Build Homes / Change Lives.  

  • Organize and mobilize around legitimate need and relationships.  

  • Be driven by compassion and the long term difference love can make.  

  • Build homes that are a fusion of simplicity and quality. 

  • Facilitate builds that are well organized and involve hard work. 

  • Facilitate a great experience for all. 

Building a Dwellings home for a family is easier than you think and can be a complete game changer! Providing a home…

    1. Inspires dignity and self respect.

    2. Battles extreme poverty.

    3. Strengthens community.

    4. Frees up money for health and education.

    5. Helps keep families together.

    6. Helps to avert trafficking and migration