Cofradía de Cuyutlán

Cofradia is a small, agricultural town located three and a half hours southeast of Mazatlan in the State of Nayarit. This pueblo is the gateway to the indigenous Cora and Huichol tribes located throughout the Sierra Madre Mountains. Dwellings began here as a ministry of Alternative Missions, which has been operating in Cofradia since 1992. 

Here you'll escape the tourist regions of the Pacific Coast and engage with a culture that represents the hard working and determined spirit of Old Mexico. Spend time with farmers harvesting chilies, explore nearby villages and pristine lakes, enjoy classic local cuisine and develop friendships that will last a lifetime. Cofradia is an exciting and magical place that is destined to become one of your favorite locations in Mexico.  



How You Can Help

There are currently several families that are prayerfully waiting for a new home. Check out our candidates here and consider putting together a team to fulfill the dream of a family in need. If you 'd like to know more about Cofradia, our team there, or any of our candidate families, please email us using the form below. Together we can help build homes and change lives in Mexico. 


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