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Marcala and San Andres

Our emphasis on the Mainland of Honduras is related to the housing needs of peasant coffee workers who work for extremely low wages and live in unacceptable living conditions. It is estimated that 110,000 families (mostly indigenous peoples) are reliant on coffee for their employment. Honduras is the world’s 6th largest producer of coffee. There are six regions where coffee is grown - Agalta, Comayagua, Copán, Montecillos, Opalaca, and El Paraíso. At this time we are focusing on Marcala, La Paz and San Andres, Lempira with plans to expand into other regions. We have a caring, efficient and scalable way to build homes involving Finca (farm) owners. With your financial and physical help we can provide homes and make a difference for many desperate families.

Housing need in Honduras

Of Honduras’ population of 8.7 million, 66.5 percent of families live in poverty. More than 46 percent live in extreme poverty, and half of the population lives in rural areas where poverty reaches 75 percent. Additionally, 13 percent of the households do not have access to water and sanitation, 16 percent of the households are overcrowded, and 50 percent of the households in the rural zone do not have electricity. The housing deficit reaches 1.1 million.
Throughout the country, 750,000 houses require improvements, and over 400,000 families need a new home. For this population, gaining access to a decent home through commercial mechanisms is practically impossible. The poor are not considered a high-risk population, and therefore they are not eligible for assistance. (Warren County Habitat for Humanity)

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With low wages, long hours and difficult conditions coffee workers struggle to provide adequate housing for their families.

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A location and culturally appropriate home is built using locally sourced materials and labor coordinated by a Dwellings representative and a finca owner, cooperative representative or other responsible individual.


Tom Hackett meets with finca owner Montgomery Melghem in Marcala, Honduras to talk through the details of a house build.


The Melghem family (Finca San Pablo, Marcala Honduras) and Dwellings Director Tom Hackett team up to provide a home for Naty and her family.

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