Potrerillos, Cuba


Rafael (51) works as a home inspector in the village where he lives. He is single and lives with his dad and his sister. His father´s name is also Rafael (87). He cannot see or hear well.  His sister´s name is Damaris (45) . At birth she was oxygen deprived and suffers from a brain disorder as a result. Rafael´s mom used to take care of Damaris, but she passed away a few years ago, so now Damaris life is in Rafael’s hands. After high school Rafael was trained in a program as a Territorial Technician. He is a very hard working man and a very loving and caring brother and son. Rafael works to supply for his father and sister’s needs. Rafael has been working as a home inspector for 30 years. His monthly salary is about $18. The home they live in now is falling down. They would be blessed to have a new place to call home. Will you be the one to help fulfill their dream?


Edisbel is 40 years old. He has been a farmer since he was a little kid. Although he owns a farm, he has the obligation to sell to the government his first crops at their designated price. If he has any crops left he can sell them to his friends or family at his own price. Edisbel’s annual income is about $260-$300, (during a good harvest year). Yusneidi is 33 years old. Since she got married she has never worked outside of the house. Edisbel and Yusneidi struggled in their first years of marriage as they were not able to have children. It was not until 2013 when God did a miracle in Yusneidi´s life. Yusneidi and Edisbel now have two beautiful and precious daughters, and there is a third baby on the way. Their current house is very deteriorated and falling apart. Let´s bring Edisbel and Yusneidi happiness and joy by providing a nice comfortable home.


Yadinei is 35 years old. She is a mom of 2 beautiful children: David, 11 and Dario, 5. Yadinei ́s mom, Griselda, 65, lives with the family. Yadinei works as a salesperson. She buys and sells kitchen, bathroom and school supplies in her little village. Naturally, with the lack of finances in her village, this job does not provide much for her family. She supplements her income by sewing clothes and repairing carpets for her neighbors. Yadinei was 20 years old when she married the father of her 2 children. They separated 5 years ago after only 8 years together. David and Dario’s father has chosen not to help provide for his kids. The house where they are currently living in is not hers, nor is the land. Yadinei and her mother were able to secure a piece of land of their own nearby. Let ́s help this family build a safe and comfortable home in order to have a new start in their lives.