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Roatan, Honduras


The Reyes Ruiz Family

Felix and Soraya have been living together for thirteen years. Felix has two children from his last marriage, and Soraya has one child from her last marriage. These three children have grown up together. Ledswin is the oldest, he is 19 years old and he is in 12th grade. Otami is 16 years old, she is in 11th grade. Antonio, is 15 years old and he is in 10th grade. None of their children work outside the home, but are all diligent students. Felix works at a sand and gravel store as a truck driver and makes around $350 each month...


The Reyes Canales Family

Doris and Mario met and married 17 years ago. They have been living in the island for 12 years. Doris is 34 years old and Mario 38 years old. They both couldn’t finish their studies when they were children. When they got married they decided to continue to study, but they were only able to finish 6th grade because they couldn’t afford it anymore. Doris grew up with both of her parents, but she still had to work to support her family. She started working when she was 12 years old, she sold food out in the street, she worked in clothing stores, and she worked in food stands as well. Mario grew up with his parents and had to work at a young age as well. His dad was a farmer, he grew corn and beans and Mario was one of his workers. Neither Mario nor Doris had an easy life growing up, and they still don´t have an easy life as adults...


The Saunders Family

Joyce is a single mom of five children three of which live with her. Her oldest son Preston is 17 years old. Preston recently completed the tenth grade. He has had to leave school so he can work to help his mom raise his two youngest brothers. Kyle is 10 years old and in fifth grade and Zion is 8 years old in third grade. Joyce was able to finished sixth grade. She could not afford for her high school studies. Since she was a teenager she has always worked cleaning houses and cooking. She is currently working as a cook at a diner...