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Roatan, Honduras


The Landaverde Funez Family

Erica (32) and Eduar (29) met 10 years ago. They have two cute children named Eduar Jr., (4) and Jorge, (3). Erica grew up with her mom and her 3 siblings. Erica’s mom had a small convenience store in the town they lived in. Erica was able to finish her studies up to 12th grade. After graduating from high school Erica married Eduar. Once she married Eduar, she started working at a clothing store. She worked for five years until she got pregnant with her first baby. Eduar was raised by his mom as his dad passed away when he was just 8 years old. Eduar had a harder childhood. He grew up selling tortillas, tamales, pasteles or anything his mom cooked. His mom had to work very hard so she could support Eduar and her 12 other children by herself. Currently, Eduar works at a zip-line company in the maintenance area. Eduar and Erica’s biggest dream is to work as hard as they can, so their children can have a decent life with the best education, best jobs and the best opportunities.

The Gonsalez Velasquez Family

Elvin is 33 years old and grew up only with his dad as his mom died when he was only 1 year old. Elvin’s dad worked as a farmer to support Elvin and his 8 siblings. Elvin only finished his studies up to 2nd grade as his father was not able to afford school. Elvin started working with his dad at a very young age to support his siblings. Glenda is 33 years old. She grew up only with her mom as her dad passed away when she was 12. Glenda was able to finish her studies up to the 6th grade. Once she finished her studies, she started working as housekeeper to support her mom and her 4 siblings. Elvin and Glenda have been married for 11 years. They have two lovely children: Elvin Jr. is 9 years old and in 4th grade and Erlin is 7 years old and in the 2nd grade. Currently, Elvin works as a bricklayer and makes about $21 daily. Glenda works at a restaurant as a cooks assistant as well as a cleaner. Glenda makes about $8 daily. Elvin and Glenda work very hard to give their children a better life.


The Burgos Padilla Family

Nuria and Edin have been married for almost 8 years. They have three lovely children: Edin Obed, (6) in 1st grade; Shareling, (4) in kindergarten; and Asher, (3 months old). Nuria is the middle child of 10 siblings. Nuria was able to finish her studies up to 12th grade thanks to her oldest sister. Nuria's mom was a housekeeper and her dad was a farmer. They couldn't afford to pay for the studies of all of their children. Edin was able to study only up to 6th grade as he studied and worked at the same time. He worked at a farm milking the cows. Edil's mom worked as a cook to support Edil and his brothers. Edin now works at a supermarket store as a supervisor. Currently, Nuria is helping her two youngest siblings to study. Delmy, (15) and Marlon, (18) are in 11th grade. Marlon works part time mowing the lawn of his friends. Nuria and Edin have been paying for a piece of land for the last couple years. Thanks to God’s provision, the Burgos Padilla family finished paying for their land. The Burgos Padilla’s family next wish is to build a strong home for their family.


The Carbajal Family

Elba (age 40) grew up with both of her parents. However, when she turned 11 years old, she moved to live with her aunt. Her parents were so poor that they could not feed her and support her with her studies. Today she works sweeping the streets. She earns about $350 monthly. Mario (age 46) also grew up with both of his parents. He had to work as a child as well. Currently, Mario is working as a security guard; his monthly salary is about $300. Elba and Mario have been living together for 10 years. Elba already had two children (Blanca and Erlin) when he met Mario. Blanca is 23 years old. Erlin is 20 years old. He works as a construction helper. He doesn’t have a permanent salary, because he doesn’t have a permanent job. Ashley is 10 years old, she is in 4th grade. Marvin is 7 years old, he is in 1st grade. Franklin is 4 years old. Elba Sarai is 3 years old. Isamar is 10 months old.

The Stanley Family

Byrt is 31 years old. He was born in Roatán. Byrt’s dad passed away when he was only 9 years old. He studied only up to 8th grade and stopped studying because he couldn’t afford it. So, he started working to support his mom and his other two sibblings. He met Lesly 10 years ago. Byrt has been not only a hardworking son, but also a very responsible dad and husband. Byrt works at the municipality in the water department. He earns around $400 monlthy. Lesly was born on mainland. Lesly’s dad abandoned her and her 3 sibblings when she was very little. Her mom couldn’t support her 4 children so Lesly decided to marry in order to help her in some way. Sadly, Lesly’s first husband abandoned her when she was just a few months pregnant. She decided to move to Roatán to look for a better life for her and her baby. Lesly met Byrt when her 1st baby was 1 year old. Together, they have been working as hard as they can to support their family. They have three lovely children named: Anderson, (11) Rosy, (8) and Justin, (5).

The Zelaya Family

Banesa and Darlin met each other 5 years ago. Banesa, (31) has 2 children that are from her first marriage. Jason is 16 years old and in 7th grade. William is 15 years old and in 5th grade. William spent 3 years in and out of school because Basena couldn’t afford to pay it for it. Rebbeca is Banesa and Darlin’s 3 year old daughter and they are expecting a new baby. Banesa is 7 months pregnant! Banesa is a kindergarten teacher and earns around $30 a month. She also does physical therapy and massages and makes about $17 per visit. Darlin, (37) never went to school. Darlin’s parent couldn’t afford to pay for his studies. His dad was as a watchman and his mom was a housekeeper. Jason and William’s father does not help them economically. Even though Darlin is not Jason and William’s biological dad, Darlin loves and supports them as if they were his own sons. Currently, Darlin works as a welder and he does a little bit of electrical work. He works welding and repairing AC of shipping boats. Daily, Banesa and Darlin work very hard to support each other.

Puerto Peñasco, Mexico


The Ramos Family

The Ramos family is doing well under difficult circumstances. Despite losing part of his hand in a construction accident, Miguel (father of three) continues to work hard and persevere for his family. At this time, Miguel, his children, and his mother are all living in an unfinished room at a relative’s home. The thought of actually having more space, a bathroom, and even something as simple as privacy is like a dream to the Ramoses. Visit the update section of this page to learn more about Miguel and his family and how you can partner with us to make those dreams a reality.