You Don't Need Permission to GO!

Do you ever wish you would have gone on that last church mission trip, or traveled with your friend when they went to Roatan to build homes for a family in need? Believe it or not, I used to all the time. For some strange reason, I guess I was waiting for someone’s permission to do these things.

Permission was probably just one of my many excuses. At some point I was too young. Maybe now you’re thinking you’re too old? Maybe it’s your class schedule, or possibly your kids class schedule. Maybe work is just too busy right now and you’re saying that someday in the future, when things slow down, you’ll be sure to join a team and make a difference. Of course money is ALWAYS something we look at and say, it just isn’t possible right now. When there’s more pad in the budget, then I can do all of these things I’ve dreamed about. You also might be thinking, I’m not qualified, I’m no missionary/general contractor/world explorer. Maybe I’ll get some training and then I’ll join a team. All of these excuses are immobilizing. Soon we have a never ending list of excuses as to why we CAN’T go, vs the passion we had TO go. If it’s not someone else permission we’re waiting on, it’s permission from ourselves that has us on lock down.

But here’s the thing, we already have the permission we need. In fact, no only do we have permission, we have ORDERS to go. In Mark 16:15, Jesus gave us very strict orders to “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation”. This command wasn’t given to the qualified, or seasoned professionals. It wasn’t given to those whose work schedule and/or class schedule just happened to sync up. His command wasn’t given to the uber wealthy and those of great means. It was given to EVERYONE! You are called to GO! Not think about going, but GO!

Where are your passions leading? There was a time I wasn’t too sure and so I took the advice of some good friends who said, “find a good work and be a part of what’s going on”. That was over 20 years ago before my first trip to Central Mexico. Today, I can look back on over 2 decades of unspeakable adventures and life changing ministry. Better yet, I can look ahead at the opportunities that I’m facing now with the confidence that I don’t need permission to be great. I don’t need permission to go. I’ve got it! He’s given it. I just need to DO IT!

What are you waiting for?

 Teams are forming today - click here and GO!

Jeremy Dyck