Justice and Mercy My Response

By Tom Hackett

Micah 6:8 The commands to act justly, love mercy and walk humbly call out to us to live a better and more meaningful life. They require us to participate and not just observe our neighbor’s plight.

I spend a significant amount of time with people in countries that are struggling in relationship to poverty, opportunity, and security. Life for people who live in those countries is hard, discouraging, and can seem hopeless. When it comes to housing, living on the ground with card board walls and a tarp roof has a devastating affect on your outlook. This is especially true for women who live in cultures that use, abuse, and abandoned them. Countless innocent children are refugees of the ongoing mess that is poverty. The personal knowledge of these conditions haunts me and has moved me to get involved in trying to make a difference for as many families as possible through Dwellings. Dwellings is a charity that is committed to building homes and changing lives by providing shelter and hope for recipient families as well as a life changing experience for those involved in the building process.

Dwellings Goals

  1. Build Homes / Change Lives.  
  2. Organize and mobilize around legitimate need and relationships.  
  3. Be driven by compassion and the long term difference love can make.  
  4. Build homes that are a fusion of simplicity and quality. 
  5. Facilitate builds that are well organized and involve hard work. 
  6. Facilitate a great experience for all.

God has put it on my heart and within my grasp to make a difference when it comes to housing. For me acting justly and loving mercy has found it’s expression in providing housing, dignity, and hope for others. 

You can do this.

I know what a difference a home can make. I want to invite you to join me. Let’s team up and build a home for a family and give them the gift of dignity, hope, and a fresh start on a better life.


Join me. Teams are forming here.

Jeremy Dyck