The Hernandez Family

During the first week in May, Dwellings completed it's first build in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico. A dedicated group of volunteers from Alive Church in Tucson, AZ journeyed to Puerto Peñasco and blessed Karla and her children with this beautiful new home. Prior to this build, Karla and her 3 kids had been living in a broken down 5th wheel trailer. Their new home is beautiful, safe and will provide a lifetime of hope for their family. 

In just 5 short days, Alive Church's team of 8 volunteers, along with our local build coordinators and Dwellings Director, Tom Hackett, were able to build this amazing 2 bedroom/1 bathroom home that includes all electrical and plumbing. We were able to highlight some of their experiences through social media posts:

"Day 2 of Dwellings first build in Day 2 of Dwellings first build in Puerto Peñasco, Sonora.  Alive Church in Tucson, AZ. is doing a great job! They are a flexible, creative and hard working team. Karla and her kids are going to be blessed. You can do this! Join us on a future build in Mexico."

"Alive Church in Tucson just built our first Dwellings home in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico for Karla and her family. 2 bedrooms, bathroom, septic tank and drain field, water tank with pressurized water system, kitchen, living room. There are many more families in need of a home. You can do this! Contact me to plan a build. Dwellings - Build Homes / Change Lives"