You Can Do This

Recently, Dwellings hosted a very unique team in Roatan, Honduras. Tom Ross and Dave Moll, friends from the Seattle area, are a part of an international online Facebook group that decided they wanted to build homes and change lives. Together, they recruited friends from their social network and took on the challenge of raising the funds to build a home. I asked Tom Ross to share his experience in taking on this task. 

“Going on this trip changed my life in many ways. As I look back at the day we began this journey, I am in awe that I was able to take on the challenge.

My first trip to Roatan was in 2011.  This was in fact my fist trip overseas, not to mention my first ever mission trip.  I fell in love on that trip with something that took me almost a year to figure out what.  It was the chance to change the direction of a life forever. We were given the opportunity to inspire the lives of kids in a family, and transform their trajectory forever by the simple blessing of a home.  All of this and the transformation of the lives of those who came to serve! 

In the spring of 2017 we got together as guy’s and did the unthinkable, we talked about life and feelings and how to become better men.  This led into a few of us sharing the trip we had made to Roatan, the fun we had and the gifts we have gotten from all the experience of giving a house away.  That conversation led us to begin discussing, what if… What if we were to do it again? What if we were the ones to put a team together and go? 

The conversation quickly changed to how can we?  The idea of building a house, raising all the money and paying our own way seemed a monumental task at best for three guys with kids and mortgages.  The though kept coming back to us that, God is bigger. It was in that truth that the journey began for us. 

We started posting on Facebook, talking about the need with friends and neighbors. It took about a month or so for things to start happening. Donations from $40-$2500 began coming in.  Nothing was too small in helping us move our mission forward.  A week before our projected departure to Roatan, the $15,000 we needed had been raised. 

But God wasn’t finished. We had talked about wanting to do MORE. We hoped to raise closer to $20,000. During that last week as we prayed and spoke to our network, another $5,000 came in, pushing our total to the $20k mark that we had hoped for. God moved!

Ultimately I learned that YOU CAN DO THIS! Don’t let numbers get in the way. God is bigger! You can change a family’s story today!”

build a house in honduras 2
build a house in honduras
Jeremy Dyck