Super Couple Wanted

Dwellings is ready to launch its newest location in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico. In fact, our first build is happening May 5th, 2018. We have been busy putting together details related to this and future builds. Already we've established long term relationships with ministries that are assisting us in producing the locks that we use to construct houses. We've purchased tools, a trailer and other materials that we will need to successfully host teams. However, with everything we've accomplished, there still is one particular need that remains outstanding...

YOU! We need YOU! Dwellings needs a super couple that is looking for a exciting opportunity to step out into a life of adventure in world missions. We would like to partner with a couple, or a team of people, that want to serve as the coordinators of not only Dwellings, but the ministry goals of Building Bright Futures, (BBF) in Puerto Peñasco. 

This would be a full time, volunteer position. It would require that the persons involved raise personal support to live and work in Mexico. It would involve overseeing the day to day operations of Dwellings and BBF as you live and work in Puerto Peñasco. Responsibilities would include identifying and interviewing potential build candidates. Facilitating the procurement of materials, as well as leading contractors to prep foundations for each build. You would be hosting build teams and outreach groups. Opportunities abound for life coaching, pastor training, leading job training and spiritual growth. This is an exciting position that would bring fulfillment and joy for the right people.

Puerto Peñasco is a great place to live! Located only 3 hours from Phoenix, AZ, it is a quick and easy trip to the United States. Summers can be hot, but Puerto Peñasco enjoys cool breezes from the Sea of Cortez and boasts amazing beaches. There are many expatriates who live in the town and multiple churches that have bi-lingual services and ministries. If you're looking to make a jump into full-time foreign ministry, Puerto Peñasco is the place to begin!

If you, or someone you know, might be interested in joining Dwellings in this new ministry endeavor, shoot us an email at and let us know. We'd love to share with you more details about this opportunity to serve. 

Jeremy Dyck