The Saunders Family

This year a very unique team joined us in Roatan, Honduras to build a home for the Saunders Family. The Holy Smokes team was made up of a social media group of cigar loving Believers, led by Tom Ross and Dave Moll. This AMAZING team joined together and raised more than they had even anticipated to provide a beautiful home for a family in need. Thank you Holy Smokes for your insane generosity and creative approach to serving others! Here are some highlights that were shared by Lilian Pavon, our Dwellings Build Coordinator from Roatan on our Facebook page. 

Day 1 has been COMPLETED!!! What a FANTASTIC DAY we had. The team decided to build an extended covered deck for the Saunders family. So today we got to work on extending the porch, we lifted all four exterior walls up, center beam in, middle interior walls up, some tongue and groove done, shower in AND some RAFTERS IN!!!! Way to go Holy Smokes team!!!! So proud of you!!!

Day 2 is DONE!!! What a PHENOMENAL DAY we had. We got so much done today. Windows got installed in, trims are in, electrical is half way done, all interior tongue and groove is done, some gutters got installed in, some plumbing got done, bunk beds got built, all rafters are in, all stringers are in, railing is almost finished, and the roof for the deck got nail in as well!!!! Way to go ROCK STARS!!!! So proud of you Holy Smokes team!!! Looking forward to day 3

Day 3 and 4 are DONE!!! The team completed the home yesterday. Today we got to dedicate the home to the Saunders family. What a PHENOMENAL WEEK we had. This home ABSOLUTELY LOOKS GORGEOUS!!!! Way to go ROCK STARS!!!! So proud of you Holy Smokes team!!!

THANKFUL for God's endless love and compassion. THANKFUL for KIND and GENEROUS HEARTS like yours, Holy Smokes Team. THANK YOU for IMPACTING the Saunders family. THANK YOU for putting your money, time, effort and love to build such a GORGEOUS home for Joyce and her children.

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