The Romaña Family

The 5th home of 2018 in Roatan, Honduras has been completed by an amazing team from I-90 Church in Snoqualmie, Washington. This team is so faithful in their steadfast support of the people of Roatan and the work of Dwellings. Their hardworking team completed a home for the Romaña family and had a blast in the process. Thank you I-90 for your commitment and support as well as your selfless love for families on the Island! We love partnering with you! I've put together some social media posts from our Roatan Build Coordinator, Lilian Pavon, highlighting the build. 

What an AWESOME START for day 1!!! We had such a PHENOMENAL day. The team lifted all four exterior walls up, center beam in, middle interior walls up, some tongue and groove done, rafters, stringers and blockings are in as well!!! Way to go I-90 Church team!!!! So proud of you!!! Looking forward to day 2!!

Day 2 has been COMPLETED!!! We had such a FANTASTIC day. We got to nail the roof, trimmed the corners and all the windows, we got to do bedroom bunk beds, bedroom closets shelves, we started on the kitchen shelves, tongue and groove for interior walls is almost done!!! Looking forward to finishing up tomorrow. You're AMAZING I-90 Church team!!!! So proud of you!

Days 3 - 5 were INCREDIBLE!!! The team finished the house on Wednesday and on Thursday we got to finish the details of the house. Thursday, the team bought mattresses, sheets, pillows and curtains for the family. They also helped dropping off all the tools to our coming up build site!!! We had a long Thursday, but very productive. Yesterday we dedicated the home to the Romaña family. 

We thank God for giving us such a successful week. THANK YOU I-90 Church for being such a HUGE BLESSING to the Romaña family. THANK YOU for making such a GREAT IMPACT in each one of their lives. We are so proud of you!!!


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