Prayers Needed

Help! - Dwellings has purchased 3 block making machines from China similar to the those shown in the photos. We will be making blocks for Dwellings homes in our new location in Puerto Peñasco, Sonora Mexico. The prayer request is related to getting the machines cleared through customs and sent on to Phoenix where we can then transport the machines to Mexico.

Importing is not our specialty and we are running into issues with getting the machines cleared through customs. We are working closely with a customs broker, as well as a land shipping company to get the machines from San Diego to Phoenix. Once they arrive in Phoenix, we will be faced with some interesting issues as we transport them across the Mexican border. Please pray for the miracles needed to get the machines in place in Mexico and to find good workers who can then go to work on manufacturing blocks. 

Finally, pray about joining Dwellings and building a home for a family in need in Puerto Peñasco. Puerto Peñasco is located about 45 minutes south of the U.S. border on the Sea of Cortez within easy reach of teams wanting a safe and close to the U.S. border location for a house build.
You can get more information about Dwellings, Puerto Penasco, and how you can help a family in need of a home at this link:

Jeremy Dyck