We just returned from three days in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico and we are pleased to report the trip was a resounding success. Thank you so much for your prayers!

We had been asking you to pray for the ease of transportation of our block making machines into Mexico as well as divine appointments once we arrived. We had no issues whatsoever crossing the border and transporting this machine into Mexico. Once we arrived in Puerto Peñasco, we met with several contacts and discussed possible options regarding where we could begin our block manufacturing. A friend we had met on a previous trip had a very unique, and we believe, divinely inspired, idea.

In Puerto Peñasco, there are several drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities. One location in particular is a Christian ministry called La Esperanza. This location, as part of their program for the men involved, require their participants to work in various social service programs. Our contact let us know that they are ALWAYS looking for work opportunities that will serve the community in order to fulfill the work requirements of their program participants. 

We drove to the location and spoke with the director who enthusiastically agreed to help us out. We were able to work out a system where they would store the block machine for Dwellings in their secure compound, (the building has 24-hour security). In addition, the program participants will help in manufacturing the blocks needed to provide homes for families in Puerto Peñasco. Our need to make blocks has provided opportunities for men, working on improving their lives by getting clean from drugs and alcohol, to serve their community. We couldn't have asked for a better connection!

In addition to finding a home for our machines, we solidified plans with our local construction coordinator, Elvis, (pictured with the block machine) .He will be assisting Dwellings with the procurement of materials, as well as leading teams in the building process. He is a hard working, humorous guy with the desire to see Puerto Peñasco families lives blessed. We are excited to begin working with him.

We also met with more local leaders and missionaries. We've established opportunities for volunteer teams to be involved with more than just building if they so choose. We have opportunities for medical and dental volunteers, as well as other community service projects. We are partnering with DIF, (the National System for Integral Family Development) to identify potential build candidates as well as other local ministries. 

Another answered prayer came in the form of a person who volunteered to serve as our bookkeeper in Puerto Peñasco. A large organization in the area has blessed us by volunteering their services in managing our finances as we begin to get established. This is always a heavy burden as we strive to build our ministry in a new location. We are thankful for those who have endeavored to be an integral part of Dwellings growth in every geographical area we serve. 

Thank you for your continued prayers. We are still asking for financial donations to assist with the start-up costs related to this endeavor. If you would like to give towards establishing this Dwellings build location, you can check out our campaign here. We are grateful for your partnership as we strive to build homes and change lives in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico. 

Jeremy Dyck