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“Make American Great Again” has become a powerful rallying cry over the past few years along with it’s emphasis on “America First”. The result has been a priority on putting America and Americans First that could have good and maybe concerning effects. There are plenty of controversial topics I could go into here but my desire is to focus on how #MAGA may be influencing our culture, us as individuals, and how it may be impacting our desire to serve others.

Americans are known for being generous and rightfully so. We are amazingly generous contributors to foreign aid and are quick to respond to people in need around the globe. I believe we give more to charity per capita than any other nation on the planet. Both secular and religious non profits serve effectively around the world making a huge difference in people’s lives. In many cases it is generous and self sacrificing Americans keeping other nations from coming apart by providing health care, education, feeding programs, clean water, housing, and many other services. We have a lot to point to when it comes to serving.

My concern is where could the “MAGA” and “America First” thing go wrong? How does a political slogan, movement, or emphasis trickle down and impact us as individuals? Are we becoming focussed on ourselves and less “others” oriented? Are we going to donate, volunteer, reach out or pray for the needs of others less? While we manage the impact of popular culture and the back and forth swing of the pendulum of politics will we forget our neighbor, the foreigner, the “other”? Are you thinking and prioritizing the needs of others more or less? God has blessed us so we can be a blessing. That is the way it is suppose to work. It would be something if your life and family and finances become GREAT. It would be even better if your love and ability to share becomes even GREATER.

God has called all of us to do justly, love mercy and walk humbly. God has called our Dwellings Tribe to be a blessing to others in need of housing. I invite you to consider joining our tribe and build a house with us, this year, for a family in desperate need. Contact me today to start making a plan for Making Our Neighbor Great.


  • Giving USA 2018: Americans Gave $410.02 Billion to Charity in 2017, Crossing the $400 Billion Mark for the First Time.

  • "Fewer Americans are giving money to charity but total donations are at record levels anyway." The Conversation

We have many qualified candidate families praying for a home in Honduras and Mexico.

You can do this! Please join us.

Tom Hackett