Off To A Great Start in Puerto Peñasco

By Tom Hackett

I just returned from our second Dwellings house build with Alive Church located in Tucson, Arizona. The build took place in our new location just over the US/Mexico border in the coastal town of Puerto Penasco, Sonora. Access to Puerto Penasco is hassle free by vehicle just 3 hours from Phoenix or Tucson. Some really nice things about PP is the availability of nice places to house teams and go out to eat at a variety of restaurants. The team took full advantage of both. The towns location on the Sea of Cortez makes it a great vacation spot for Arizonan’s and people from all over.

The home was built for a really sweat family over 5 days. Hector and Erika have 4 wonderful children Genesis, Ruth, Abraham and David. They have been living in extremely challenging conditions for years so the gift of a home has them extremely excited and grateful. It was rewarding for the team to work alongside the entire family as the house went up. In particular the children were involved in the painting of the home. To top things off Alive Church and George and Susie Stavros provided funds to purchase beds for the family. They have been sleeping on the floor for years. Everyone in the family was super excited to spend there first night sleeping on a bed.

Special shout out to Alive Church who has been instrumental in helping to get Dwellings up and running in PP. They have stepped up to do the first two builds and have been very generous with donations of money and equipment that is needed for future builds. Thank you Pastor Jeff Love and Jason Marsden for your generosity and willingness to invest in the future of Dwellings Puerto Penasco.

You can make a difference like this in a family’s future. A debt free home is a life changer for people who have no way of providing a decent, safe place for their family. Please consider building a home for a family like the Duran family. Here is a link to approved candidate families in Puerto Penasco that are praying for a home.

Jeremy Dyck