The Zambrano Family

In December of 2017, a team from BULA Ministries provided a home for the Zambrano Family in Roatan, Honduras. Here are some highlights from the trip.

"It’s the first day on our build in roatan. The weather is perfect. The family is awesome. The group I am building with is a pleasure to work with , especially the 3 little girls. They are a great help. It will be a pleasure helping provide a home for such a deserving family"

"What a great first day! ALL the exterior AND interior walls are up, the tile backer board is screwed down in the bathroom, the shower is installed with spray foam filler underneath, and the rafters have been set! This team is small but mighty"

"Started out the day with Sherrie Bakke, bringing gifts to the kids. They were so excited! Then we worked on the walls, tongue & grove. Put up rafters for roof tomorrow! Did the front porch, with rails & lattice. Got in all the windows, with screens! One of the men on our team is from Woodlake. Anthony & I shared lots of Woodlake stories tonight. The world is a small place, Jesus touches our lives in many ways, if we just answer his calling, you never know what you’ll be doing! Pick up the book called “ Resisting happiness” and read it. That might be the start of something new in your life."

"Today we did Electrical, Jim help fix the generator, We tiled the bathroom, Put in the kitchen cabinets & sink. Then finished up with building bunk beds for 3 siblings that were so excited! The littlest one said today, “ I can’t wait to sleep where there is no mosquitoes in my room”."

"Ok here we go, let’s get started! So today we made shelves for bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, added a few hooks. Ladder for bunk beds. Railing for deck. Finished grouting the bathroom. Putting in some solar lights. Plumbing for kitchen & bathroom. Now almost reading for moving in."

"We dedicated this house to the Lord today! Their Pastor prayed over the family & their new home! Wilmer the new owner was given the keys! When he tried to tell us how thankful he was, he was so overcome with emotions he sobbed!. It was a wonderful day & as we left there was a rainbow as we walk down the hill. I am truly overcome with the humble hearts of these people!"

"WHAT A FANTASTIC week we had. A BIG THANK YOU TO God and to our AMAZING team from
Bula Ministries for making the Zambrano family's dream come true. You TRULY made a HUGE IMPACT in their lives. May the Lord continue to bless your lives ABUNDANTLY and reward you GREATLY."

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