The Roca Solida School - Roatan


This past July Dwellings kept busy on the island of Roatan as we continued work on the Roca Solida project in Flowers Bay. Our crews are working diligently to complete the final 3 classrooms of this school in preparation of the first day of classes this next month. As you can see, we’re making great progress in reaching that deadline. Roof panels are being installed and we are getting closer to pouring the floors. Just 4 short weeks until these classrooms welcome back over 100 students.

The vision of the school is to educate the children of Roatan to be leaders with the ability and desire to effect change in their country. Once complete, the Solid Rock Education Center will give children a solid foundation for a lifetime of learnin. The school will instill in children a love for learning, solid educational skills to achieve success, self-discipline to apply themselves to learning, respect for authority and one another, reverence for God and Christian character to develop behaviors pleasing to both God and others.

Thank you to the Geers Foundation, the Abundant Life Foundation and Missionaires Mark and Susan Schuler for their hard work, dedication and providence towards this project. Dwellings is partnering with other communities to go beyond houses by providing schools. You can be a part of this by donating towards school build projects.

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