Raiza - Cuba


In March 2017, a team from Creekside Church in Lynwood, WA partnered with Dwellings to provide a home for a family in Potrerillos, Cuba. This was the third home to be built by a team in Cuba. We faced a great deal of challenges, from the government shutting down our ability to stay at the location we had planned, as well as daily promises to prevent our team from doing any con-struction, to incredible material shortages. The team from Seattle persevered and completed the foundation for Raiza’s future home before they left.

In the past several months, our ground team in Cuba has been hard at work at finishing this home. Raiza and her family were able to move into their new home before the rains arrived.  Thank you Creekside Church, and our Dwellings build coordinators for making this dream a reality!


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