Why Should I Help Build a Home?

When you help build a home for a needy family you are providing far more than a much needed roof over their heads. In many poverty stricken areas where even basic shelter is unattainable, replacing cardboard and plastic with a solid roof can effectively change lives.

A permanent dwelling provides stability in an uncertain world and is a huge step on the road out of pervasive poverty. Owning a home brings hope for a better life. Hope brings confidence to reach for that life. We all know that even the slightest glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel encourages us to move ahead. A home can be that light for a family.

A secure place to live, one that isn’t going to literally blow away with the next stiff wind, builds family life and encourages learning. Children in a stable environment learn better and are more likely to both attend and stay in school. Education brings better opportunities for work and an improved life in the future.

Children need to be healthy in order to attend school and a clean environment is one of the most important results of a permanent dwelling that you can help provide for a needy family. In a country of extreme climate, living in a house with solid walls, floors, and a roof overhead, can greatly reduce the incidents of sickness due to dirt floors and exposure to weather and insects. Scarce funds, once being used to treat sick children, can then be used to purchase resources for school and other necessities.

You can build a home to provide a better life, a life that includes a stable, secure, hopeful and healthy future. 

Jeremy DyckComment